Planning & Zoning Commission


Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - noon



Note that some permitting goes through Franklin County.


Zoning Ordinances

View zoning ordinances online, which may be found in Chapter 12.


Permits & Forms


Minerva Park Fee Schedule


M/I Homes Development - Phase Maps



MP Variances

If the Planning & Zoning Commission is unable to grant you a permit because your request does not satisfy Village ordinances, you may apply for a variance to the Village Council on the basis of a hardship case. 

  1. Obtain a Variance Application, available at the Community Building from 8 a.m. to noon.
  2. Fill out the application (frequently done at the Community Building during the first visit), have it deemed complete by the Planning & Zoning Clerk and Code Enforcement Officer, and pay the application fee (cash, check, or money order).
  3. The notice of the variance application will be advertised in the Villager newsletter for the next two months.  The variance applicant must provide all adjacent property owners by mail a copy of the variance.  Both of these are required by Village ordinance.
  4. Council will consider the variance at the following month’s meeting (they meet on the second Monday of the month).
  5. If Council grants your variance, the project may begin the next day.  If denied, the only recourse is through the court system.


MP Planning & Zoning Commission Members

  • Donna Kopecky, Chair
  • Nathan Johnson, Vice Chair
  • Lisa Craddock Thitoff, Resident-at-Large
  • Tony Benedetti, Village Council Liaison
  • Tiffany Hughes, Mayor
  • Kelvin Ferguson, Code Enforcement Officer (nonvoting, advisory role)
  • Eric Fischer, Village Planning Director (nonvoting, advisory role)