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Click on a link to download an issue of the "Villager." You will need Acrobat Reader, downloadable for free. The file size of some older issues is larger in an attempt to preserve quality of the photos. All materials are copyrighted, and no materials can be reprinted without prior written approval.



General Information

The "Villager" is the official monthly publication of the Minerva Park Community Association (MPCA) to keep residents informed of the activities of the MPCA, village government, and other entities officially recognized by the MPCA. It is mailed to all MP homes for arrival on the weekend of the first Monday each month. New issues will be posted to this site at that time, and archived issues are added periodically.

The total distribution is 625 ... to approximately 560 homes in Minerva Park, Village officials, relevant area businesses, attendees at the monthly Northland Community Council meetings, and open distribution at the Minerva Park Community Building.


Submit Articles for Publication

Residents are invited to submit articles & other items of interest. Please them or use the MPCA "mail box" inside the Community Building front door. All items presented for publication must include the contributor's name and telephone number.


Advertising Rates

1 time
6 times
Business card size $15 $75 $10
Quarter page $25 $125 $10
Half page $50 $250 $15
Full page $100 $500 $20
Flyer insert* $35 n/a n/a

*Flyers - Advertiser supplies 625 flyers (8.5 x 11 unfolded preferred), with a discount or special offer for MP residents.


Artwork Specifications

  1. Provide camera-ready artwork per the specifications below.
  2. We will lay out your ad to fit available space - either vertically or horizontally. Please provide any graphics that we may need to scan as we lay out your artwork for you (design charge applies).

If you provide your own artwork, please submit a 300 dpi JPG or high-resolution PDF, dimensioned as follows:

  • Full Page - 7”w x 9”h
  • 1/2 page - 7”w x 4.5”h
  • 1/4 page - 4.6”w x 2.9”h
  • Business Card (provide both configurations)
    • vertical - 2.2”w x 3.4”h
    • horizontal - 3.4”w x 1.9”h

Photos - 1-time charge of $15 each. Original photo will be returned.

Color is encouraged - no additional charge.



  • Payment - in full, in advance. Make checks payable to "MPCA" or "Minerva Park Community Association." Mail to 2661 Wildwood Rd., Columbus OH 43231.
  • Order Form - Download a Order Form.
  • Advertising Sales - Sharon Bierman - 614-899-3755


Advertising & Payment Deadlines

Generally, the deadlines are the middle of the month for the following month's publication. ...

Deadline Issue
Dec 14, 2016 Jan 2017
Jan 18, 2017 Feb 2017
Feb 15, 2017 Mar 2017
Mar 15, 2017 Apr 2017
Apr 19, 2017 May 2017
May 17, 2017 Jun 2017
Jun 14, 2017 Jul 2017
Jul 12, 2017 Aug 2017
Aug 16, 2017 Sep 2017
Sep 20, 2017 Oct 2017
Oct 18, 2017 Nov 2017
Nov 15, 2017 Dec 2017
Dec 18, 2017 Jan 2018


Editorial Policy

  1. The MPCA has established the following priorities, in order, for inclusion in the "Villager," based on available space:
    • Paid advertisements
    • MPCA-related news items and announcements
    • Minerva Park government items, such as village council minutes, etc.
    • Police reports
    • Squad reports
    • Free classified ads of a noncommercial nature (provided to Village residents only)
    • Columns and news by village residents
    • Columns and news by non-villagers
  2. A publication block will be printed in the same place each issue, containing the following information:
    • Staff name(s), phone, and address for submitting news items.
    • Advertising information and policies.
    • The following statement: "The Villager reserves the right to refuse publication of any item submitted. All items presented for publication must include the contributor’s signature and phone number."
  3. The "Villager" staff will obtain prior approval to incur additional unbudgeted costs, such as increasing the number of pages. Approval may be obtained from the MPCA president on a case-by-case basis, with more extensive or prolonged increases requiring MPCA board majority approval.
  4. The "Villager" staff is bound by the above policies, placed in effect by the MPCA. Any questionable item(s) submitted for publication shall be referred by the "Villager" staff to the MPCA Board for consideration at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Readers who wish to discuss concerns about content should contact the Editor or, if additional resolution is needed, the MPCA President.



  • MP Community Association President - Dani Wolf
  • Layout, Design, Advertising - - 614-899-3755