2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road

May 21, 2017
By Lynn Eisentrout, Mayor

The Village recently had the opportunity to purchase 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road - an office building in Village “city limits" - supported by a strong financial analysis:

  • Construction costs for a new similar building - appx. 22,000 sq.ft. 3-story office building - would be between $4-$5 million, compared to the purchase price of the existing 1974 building at appx. $657,500 (less than the listed sale price) plus construction build-out costs of appx. $942,500.
  • Remodeling the existing appx. 2,688 sq.ft. Community Building, built in 1960, would be impractical, having to add on to the building and bringing the existing portions up to today’s code and complying with ADA standards.
  • Tenants will provide a revenue stream of appx. $112,800 annually, helping to offset any costs of acquisition and/or maintenance, which will be explained fully.

What will the building be used for?  With the annexation of the golf course and its development, the Village needs to look forward for the next 50 years.  We continue to hear from residents the importance of our Police Department, which will relocate to the space, providing adequate facilities for their needs.  The Village administration and Council also can take advantage of these facilities … and tenants will round out the occupancy.

Residents are invited to attend a meeting on Sunday, June 4, at the Community Building at 4 p.m. to learn more.

As always, information about Village government activities has been and will continue to be available on minervapark.org … both in Council work packets for upcoming meetings (minervapark.org/#packets) and passed legislation (minervapark.org/legislation).  Residents are encouraged to attend Council meetings on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month … and Coffee with Council on the 3rd Monday of the month, an open forum wherein residents can discuss Village issues with their Council members and Mayor. 



Veterans Memorial Dedication - Jun 25

May 23, 2017

Residents are encouraged to attend the dedication of the Veterans Memorial on Sunday, June 25, 4 p.m., at the Community Building. Do you wish to commemorate a service member? Consider purchasing an engraved brick paver.



What's Growing On?

Reprint from the Jun 2017 Villager
By Scott Doellinger, Code Enforcement Officer

Minerva Park – with an environment that supports plant growth with water, sunshine, and good soils – is rich in abundant plant growth. We enjoy juicy tomatoes, the shade of trees, and the beauty of annual flowers. We also get robust poison ivy, invasive euonymus, and bushes and trees growing where they should not.

Any vegetation growing over the curb must be 17’ above the paving of the street. This allows trucks (maximum height 13’6”) to pass under them, even when weighed down with snow. Shrubbery of any kind should not lean out over the curb, and plant material should never obscure street signs. Please check to see that plant growth is not beyond the edge of the street

Driveway-to-street connections must maintain a sight triangle that has no plant material above 30” in height and have only trees with branches above 8’ in height. This allows cars, bicycles, and pedestrians to see and be seen when leaving and turning into and out of driveways. The triangle extends down the driveway 10’ and along the street a distance of 20’ from the edge of the driveway. A line stretching from the ends of these distances forms the “sight triangle.” Please maintain the sight triangle to provide a safe environment.

Street intersections have a similar sight triangle requirement. At intersections, the triangle extends 30’ down each street. Connecting the ends of these lines forms the triangular area where vegetation and other solid objects more than 30” above the center of the street and lower than 8’ are not permitted. Please, corner lot owners, maintain the sight triangle to help make Minerva Park streets safer.

Finally, trees start out small but grow into magnificent structures that add property value, provide shade (saving in expensive energy costs), and contribute greatly to beauty of Minerva Park. Trees need to be maintained, just like fences or houses. Appropriate trimming and eventually removal are necessary. Please cut down dead trees near streets and structures to prevent damage and possible injury. Eventually the dead tree will come down. How it comes down is in your control.


Nancy Fisher Memorial Scholarship - May 31 Deadline

Apr 2, 2017

Underwritten by your $20/$21 Community Association Dues. Join or donate today. - The Community Association's Nancy Fisher Memorial Scholarship annually awards a scholarship to a deserving Minerva Park high school graduate(s). Download an application and submission instructions.



Wine & Cheese at the Pool - Jun 10

May 23, 2017

Jun 10, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. - How about an adult night out? MP adults and their guests are invited to attend another great Wine & Cheese evening at the pool. BYOW to enjoy or share. Hors d’oeuvres will be provided. $5 per person, cash at the door. Drinks by moonlight and maybe a swim. Sounds like a great evening!



Annual Hydrant Flushing - Jun 17

May 23, 2017
By Fire Chief Rick Hoechstetter

The Fire Department will flush the Village hydrants on Saturday, June 17. This annual project must be completed to ensure that all of our 98 hydrants are in proper working order.

Please make sure that any laundry is either completed before that day or can wait until the following day (Sunday). Flushing can stir up the orange muck that is commonly found in the bottom of waterlines, which may create orange stains on clothes washed during flushing or soon after. It’s best to wait for everything to settle so residential waterlines are clear.

If you have any questions about this or any other Fire Department project, please call us at 614-882-3375 or email firechief@minervapark.org.



Minerva Park Garden Tour - Jul 9

May 23, 2017

Underwritten by your $20/$21 Community Association Dues. Join or donate today. - Jul 9, 1p to 5p.

There is still time to join the tour ... 6 MP residential gardens and 2 public gardens are scheduled for the FREE annual garden tour sponsored by your MP Community Association.

Please call 614-560-0452 or email sljthitoff@att.net for more information.
For updates closer to the time of the event, visit mympca.org/Events, minervapark.org, or the MPCA Facebook page. Maps will be available the day of the event.

Scheduled so far are:

  • 2690 Lakewood Dr.
  • Lakewood & Maplewood Drives, the Mary Yost Garden, a public garden
  • 3071 Minerva Lake Rd.
  • 2749 Minerva Lake Rd.
  • Minerva Lake Rd, & Farview, a community garden
  • Black Sycamore, the M/I Homes model home
  • 2626 Wildwood Rd.



MPCA Community Garage Sale Fundraiser - Sep 16

May 23, 2017

Sep 16 - 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Cost - $5 plus 10% of your proceeds
Registration Deadline is May 13. $10 late registration fee (you will not be on the map)

Underwritten by your $20/$21 Community Association Dues. Join or donate today. - This is one of your Community Association’s biggest fundraisers. The Community Association funds several projects to enhance the Village, and your registration fee plus 10% of your proceeds are vital to that effort. The $5 registration fee (or a $10 late fee) covers the cost of local group advertising, balloons for your mailbox, and maps of participating homes for your distribution. Please register promptly.

TO REGISTER - Please drop off or send the attached form and a check for $5 payable to “Minerva Park Community Association” to the Community Building, 2829 Minerva Lake Rd. Registration packets will be delivered to sellers before the event. Volunteers (with an official MPCA badge) will collect your 10% proceeds at 4 p.m. that afternoon, so please have your envelope ready.

We need volunteers to help make this event a big success. Contact Dani Wolf (614-937-1994) or Jean McCall (614-895-0465), if you would like to help with packet creation and distribution, or advertising.

  • NO unauthorized sales, please - This event is a fundraiser for your Community Association, and it's not fair to other residents who do contribute..
  • NO food or drink sales, please - This is also a fundraiser for our own Emergency Squad. Please direct people to the Community Building from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to purchase hot dogs, hamburgers, and baked goods. No food or drink sales or give-aways at residences, please.



Dam Restoration

May 23, 2017

Minerva Park Dam restoration work continues. Learn more.



Villager Newsletter - Jun

May 23, 2017

Underwritten by your $20/$21 Community Association Dues. Join or donate today. - Download the Jun issue of the Villager newsletter.

Stories include ...

  • 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Rd.
  • Veterans Memorial Dedication
  • MPCA Garden Tour
  • Wine & Cheese
  • Annuaol Hydrant Flushing
  • MP's Ordinances - What's Growing On?
  • A look back at December 1987


Work Packets

May 23, 2017

Council Meetings - Residents are encouraged to attend the Council Meetings, Mondays, 7 p.m., Community Building. Get involved! Review Council work packets ...

Planning and Zoning Meetings - Planning and Zoning meets usually on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m., dependent on items coming before the Commission.

  • May 7, 2017

Committee Meetings - Residents are invited to attend and observe meetings, i.e., committee work sessions and Planning & Zoning meetings. Dates and times are posted officially at the Community Building, Pool, and Playground, or call 614-882-5743.



Coffee with Council

May 23, 2017

Residents are invited to meet with Council members to discuss Village issues. Community Building, Jun 19, 7 p.m.