Mayor's Court


2829 Minerva Lake Road
Columbus OH 43231
614-899-1296 fax


• pay tickets and reconcile license forfeiture issues ...
   Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Subject to the Ohio Revised Code, the Mayor has jurisdiction to conduct a Mayor's Court to hear and determine any prosecution for the violation of an ordinance of the Village, any case involving a violation of a vehicle parking or standing ordinance of the Village, and to determine all criminal causes involving any moving traffic violation occurring on a state highway located within the boundaries of the municipal corporation.



Magistrate - The Magistrate hears and determines prosecutions and criminal causes in the Mayor's Court that are within its jurisdiction. In hearing and determining such prosecutions and causes, the Magistrate has the same powers, duties, and authority as does the Mayor if she were to conduct Mayor's Court, including the ability to hear and determine prosecutions and causes in general, including but not limited to the power and authority to decide the prosecution or cause, enter judgment, and impose sentence. The appointment of a Magistrate does not preclude the Mayor from also hearing and determining prosecutions and criminal causes in the Mayor's Court that are within the jurisdiction of the Mayor's Court.

Law Director - The Law Director may designate assistants to act as prosecuting attorneys of the Mayor's Court. He prosecutes all cases brought before the Court and performs the same duties as required of the prosecuting attorney of Franklin County.

Clerk of Courts - The Clerk's primary responsibilities include receiving, docketing, indexing, certifying, and preserving the pleadings, courts orders, and other legal documents that are filed with the Mayor’s Court. The Clerk also serves court papers as required by law and as directed by the court, furnishes notices of hearings, and issues summonses, subpoenas, warrants, and executions. She receives, accounts for, disburses, and deposits money to cover court costs, fines, and fees, according to statute. The Clerk serves as a liaison to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, certifying convictions and advising of Financial Responsibility Act infractions.